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Bruce J. Tuovila, MS
Consulting Environmental Scientist

Professional Qualifications

Bruce joined HSWMR in 1999 as an environmental scientist. He received his Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Biology from the University of Miami, Florida in 1972. He received his Master of Science degree in Microbial Oceanography from Florida State University in 1983. Prior to joining HSWMR, Mr. Tuovila served with the Bureau of Environmental Toxicology in the Florida Department of Health as a senior health assessor. His duties included: assessing the public health implications from exposure to chemicals at Florida’s National Priorities List Superfund hazardous waste sites; conducting exposure investigations to determine if individuals living near hazardous waste sites had received excessive chemical exposures; providing toxicological evaluations of chemical exposures to state and federal agencies; and creating and maintaining computerized databases of toxicological, health and demographic information used in developing health assessment reports. Prior to that, Mr. Tuovila was a senior Health Physicist with the Department of Health’s Bureau of Radiation Control. His responsibilities included investigating and evaluating incidents of elevated indoor radon exposure, conducting certification training courses for the State’s radon measurement and mitigation certification program, and inspecting radon measurement and mitigation businesses for compliance with the Department’s radon rules. Mr. Tuovila has also conducted an environmental monitoring project to evaluate the effectiveness of an experimental stormwater treatment system designed and constructed by the Northwest Florida Water Management District. Bruce's public health experience, chemical knowledge, familiarity with radionuclides, and experience with health risk assessment all are very valuable in analysis of potential site risks at operational and closed facilities.

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