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HSWMR has PhD-level scientific and toxicological staff, as well as other experienced technical personnel who provide a variety of professional services for client support:

  • Toxicological support services;

  • Site-specific risk assessments for soils, groundwater, surface water, sediments and air at sites involving a wide variety of chemicals including solvents, fuels, pesticides, metals, microbiological agents and combustion residues;

  • Third party technical review of environmental reports;

  • Chemical and environmental fate/transport information, including development of comprehensive chemical profiles;

  • Waste management consulting services;

  • Environmental and occupational health training and education;

  • Medical education, review of records and consultation services;

  • Litigation support services pertaining to chemical substances of occupational or environmental concern; and,

  • PhD-level expert testimony regarding toxicology, industrial hygiene and medical issues for chemical substances of occupational or environmental concern.