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Christopher M. Teaf, PhD
President & Director of Toxicology

Professional Qualifications

Chris is board-certified by the Academy of Toxicological Sciences and is Director of Toxicology and President for HSWMR. Dr. Teaf received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Biology from the Pennsylvania State University and a Masters degree in Biological Science from the Florida State University, with an emphasis on aquatic systems. He earned his doctorate in Interdisciplinary Toxicology from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock and conducted his research at the Division of Genetic Toxicology, within the National Center for Toxicological Research. Dr. Teaf has over 35 years experience in the fields of toxicology and human health risk assessment. A selection of Dr. Teaf's project experience includes: preparation of toxicological risk assessments for sites exhibiting soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment and air contamination; development and review of site-specific toxicological evaluations in the context of environmental and public health considerations, including CERCLA and state-lead sites; preparation of risk assessments and risk-based target concentrations for RCRA/HSWA risk-based closure at sites exhibiting soil and groundwater contamination by organic and inorganic compounds; assessment of environmental and human health risks of numerous compounds, evaluation of toxicological effects of alcohol and other drugs, evaluation of toxicological effects of particulates, evaluation of toxicological effects of fungi, bacteria and other biological agents; litigation support concerning occupational risks posed by exposure to pesticides, volatile organics, metals and other contaminants; review of medical records for public health evaluations and trial testimony; review and development of technical comments for site-specific risk assessments. In addition to research and site-specific risk assessment activities, Dr. Teaf directs all toxicology, public health and risk assessment training activities at HSWMR.

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